A cautionary tale of domain names and designer shoes but with a happy ending!

The team at All Bright Pool Care have been clients for a very long time but unfortunately they became victims of some devious people. Their website had been working successfully for many years and they were typical very busy small business operators. Unfortunately their domain name was not registered with us and when it came around for renewal they missed it. The company that the domain was registered through then allowed a third party based overseas to buy the domain immediately it expired which should never have happened.

The first the team at Pool Bright knew of this was when they received a call from a lady asking where her shoe order was. The new domains owners had taken advantage of All Brights great google ranking and had created an online shoe store in its place. Why you would buy shoes from a website called All Bright Pool Care I do not know as that really should have been a warning signal however it soon became apparent that people were and needless to say their orders were not arriving.

A complaint was made to AusRegistry who is the registry operator and wholesale provider for all commercial .au domains and they could see it was fraudulent but unfortunately they were unable to help despite the “new owners” using an ABN of one of Australia’s biggest construction companies to register it. We placed a wait hold on the domain but in the mean time set up a new domain and hosting.

Eventually the domain original domain came up for renewal and because of the hold order we were next in line and manage to re-register it and it is now back with it’s rightful owners 2 years later. To celebrate we also created a brand new mobile friendly website for them.

The moral of this story is to keep a very close watch on your domain names and make sure you have them registered with a reputable company like us!  You do have the option to transfer your domains at any time without any interruption to your website or emails so if you need any more information please contact us.

You can view their new website using their original domain name here www.allbrightpools.com.au