89% Of Companies Experienced Internet Disruption In The Last Year

Dyn and Spiceworks recently revealed the results of their Internet Disruption research study. They tracked the experience and opinions of more than 200 IT professionals in the US, Canada and the UK. The research found that 89% of companies surveyed experienced some form of internet disruption over the last twelve months and when these disruptions occur, the impact is substantial.

When asked how painful was the disruption to your organization and you/your team this was the result :-

Also troubling is the time that these disruptions take to resolve. Average mean time to resolution (MTTR) among their sample is a FULL BUSINESS DAY. Those results are even worse for issues that occur outside of organizations’ network control (the majority of such issues), with MTTR taking 17% longer!

So with all of this, you would think organisations are girding themselves and preparing their networks for digital resilience. Here it’s a yes, but no, kind of story. First 92% of respondents are concerned about a major internet disruption impacting their business in the next six months. Additionally, 100% of organizations indicated at least some form of response. However, while 44% of organizations are monitoring network activity, only 36% of organizations are investing specifically in internet monitoring or threat detection solutions. Additionally, while 41% of organizations are taking steps to improve network infrastructure only 15% of organizations indicated plans to add a secondary DNS solution, perhaps one of the most cost effective insurance policies they can take out.

The results of this study are a stark reminder that along with the ease of communication, the internet continues to be a volatile place. But by having a digital resilience strategy in place for their entire digital supply chain, CIOs can ensure their organizations are best prepared to handle any future disruption, and that user experience isn’t jeopardized.

You can read more about the study by visiting the Dyn website HERE >>