A new look for the Hastings Valley Motel

The Hastings Valley Motels old website was tired, confusing and not very appealing. They were also locked into an open ended monthly contract which meant they could have actually paid for a new website several times over. When we were called in the first thing we did was get them control of their own domain names and set up a new hosting and email package. While working on the development of their new website we also re-photographed their rooms to really make then stand out with a professional look.

The website was based on a new version of their logo in a very clean light blue colour. It is full responsive and SEO’d throughout which is now starting to improve their search result in Google.  This is really important as they are working in a very competitive environment.

We are pleased to say we have yet another very happy client:- “We are over the moon with what you have done. It all looks so fresh and clean. The local attractions page just sets it off and with a different view you offer attractions which we would not have considered. We are very happy.”