While the new President is being sworn in his web team has been busy…….

Even while President Donald Trumps inauguration is still taking place his web team has been busy. They have already taken over the White House’s Twitter feed (though his original, often unfiltered Twitter is still up) and it’s  website. President Trump’s website shares President Obama’s site’s same format but already shows the difference between Trump’s and Obama’s priorities. Where Obama’s page listed Civil Rights, Climate Change, Economy, Education, Foreign Policy, Healthcare, Iran Deal and Immigration Action as his central priorities, Trump’s priorities all seem to point towards putting “America first.” The below image shows Obama’s “issues” tab on the left, and Trump’s on the right.


Along with Trump’s radical shift in language from Obama’s language comes a correspondingly different set of policy priorities. The shift from a “Climate Action Plan” to an “Energy Plan” is mirrored by Trump’s promise, on the page, to focus on oil independence. The page’s energy policy priorities include energy deregulation, increased drilling and coal mining in the U.S. The page also promises to “refocus the EPA on its essential mission of protecting our air and water,” though it doesn’t specify how it has lost focus of that mission.

Another key difference between the two pages is in their approach towards the police force. Where Obama’s “Civil Rights” section devoted a hefty page to criminal justice abuse, President Trump’s “Standing Up For Our Law Enforcement Community” page focuses more on cultivating respect for the police force. Though Trump’s page covers most of his policy stances, it omits any mention of social issues, such as LGBT rights or abortion so let’s wait and see what happens.

President Trump’s page can be found here, and if you get nostalgic, you can find Obama’s here and George W. Bush’s here.



Rewritten from an original article by Paul Rohrback